Something good, something bad

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So I went on about how the show on Saturday was now at Via…well, now it’s been cancelled altogether.  Sorry for the stuff around, but this one was out of TBHs hands.  If you wanna see Between the Devil and the Deep head on over to Fat Louies on Saturday night cause they’re playing there with The Quickening and Headaches.

The good news is, the EP is available to buy from this very site! Click on the Webstore now and order your copy…..or the baby gets it.

Venue change

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The gig with Between the Devil and the Deep and Army of Champions has been moved to Via Studios.  Not sure why, but there you go.  It’s still all ages and it’s easy to get to (1 min walk from Bowen Hills train station).  It’ll be intimate, that’s for sure.

Oh yeah, in our hot little hands we have our debut EP. It’s been a long time coming, but having something to pedal now feels good. If any folks are in Melbourne and want to grab a copy, it’s in Poison City Records on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Andy is a champ and the Weekender ’10 was as awesome as previous years.

It’ll be in all major cities soon and it’s on the site now!

Meanwhile, we are also playing on the 1st at Fatties…


Oh, the gigs are a-changin’

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From the firey death of Guitarmeggedan comes another gig in its place at The Jubilee on the 28th August.  Trouble is, this idiot booked us in to another gig, then unbooked that gig, then got back onto the Jubes show.

So, in summation: next gig is AT THE JUBILEE ON THE 28TH – between us and The Quickening, we’re gonna see how much damage we can do to Dave.

In other news, we will be releasing our debut EP soon – oo la la.

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