The Blasted Heath are a progressive post punk/metal outfit (in the most broad of terms) who reside in a distant cosmic nebula; Brisbane, Australia. The band is new but the members come in old, used bodies that are beginning to smell a little like pre-loved cheese cloth. Join B1 on fire-poys and vocalities, B Twizz on bass, Fazz on axes in flannel and Mr Bell on tin lids in sweaty shirts as your awe and wonderment at the splendour of mankind diminishes into an infinite void where the only thing that remains prevalent is the beard.

At the advice of the family doctor, and desperate to slow the onset of hardened arteries and bitch tits, Chris and Dave took to playing in other bands to increase their cardiovascular endurance. They will be posting their weight loss by week on the website soon – watch this space! Having being weened off the teet of their former bands the two B’s have combined powers with members of bands better than theirs’ to create something not quite as powerful as Captain Planet but way more kick-arse than the shit kids watch these days. They combine technicality with musicality and fuse wailing guitars, dynamic chord progressions, “interesting” bass techniques and awe-inspiring drums to create sounds that birth puppies the world over. Can you imagine if Chet Atkins and Vera Lynn dropped acid and made music together with Celtic Frost after climbing Smoky Mountain? Well it would be consequently mind blowing to the ends of the universe but sound nothing like The Blasted Heath. I can’t believe you were even thinking that. What was that even about?

Hardcore punk, indie and metal all come to battle here, but this is no place for name calling (putrid fucks!). So lay down your lasers dweebs…It’s time to yield.