Below are the lyrics to all our songs.


What did you say?
Let’s forget about yesterday
As long as they say
These days are all that count.
Brush it away
‘Cos they dance the night away.
To love from dismay
How easily things change

I’ll never forget
The stage you danced on that should have broke your legs
I won’t forget all the things you said
We should not forget
That time itself should not be all that mends
And they’re not excused by recent trends
That tell us that we’re dumb enough to let ’em off the hook

What can I say
Am I an arse for thinking this way?
That you’ve all been played?
And they’re no better at all
The snake oil came
And washed their whole life’s work away
And your capacity
To hold the shits to account

How could I forget
The swamp you needed them to help you cross?
How you were forgiven, I’m at a loss
We should not forget
That time itself should not be all that mends
And they’re not excused by recent trends
That tell us that we’re dumb enough to let ’em off the hook

A batting of the eye (makes it all okay)
A flash of crooked smiles (makes it all okay)
A bear without its claws (makes it all okay)
How quickly we forget (I will not forget)
All the fucking boot prints (I will not forget)
Stamped upon your face

The beatings will continue until morale improves: same ship, different day

It’s on the news that they need to protect
Our water-borders from ‘illegal’ immigrants
The reports say we’ll be swamped by hordes of ‘queue jumpers’ and ‘well dressed Afghans’

Think one minute and you’ll see that it’s a lie
The statistics show it all: the boat people are only one percent
Stop tugging on the heart strings
Of the stupid nationalists

D’you really think that they’re not legit?
Isn’t it clear enough you idiot?
They’d rather risk it all at sea than, live on war-torn streets under dictators

They’d give it all for just one chance at what we have
But we throw them in detention: why are you surprised by suicides?
No ‘Pacific Solution’ – NO!
No ‘White Australia’ again

Invade the countries
Create the refugees
Stop wasting our tax money
On this racist vote winning policy

Stripped of civil liberties
Stripped of human rights
Stop wasting my tax money
On this xenophobic vote winning policy

This song is not about pizzas

Tearing down the walls
Smashing all the pieces
(this time) It’s not even about history
(it’s about) The disadvantaged of this city

The lives that once relied on it
Now driven out of sight
Out of mind and further into neglect
No, I won’t forget
They’re not poor design you can just take away.

Tearing down the walls
Smashing all the pieces
(this time) It’s not even about history
(it’s about) The disadvantaged of this city

Whilst people gambled away
Time and money for fun
Most oblivious to the problems
We all should share
Especially when you’ve got money to waste
A council more concerned about this city’s appearance
Than the familys left homeless
I’m not living the lie it’s ‘alright’

Benny Loves It

Benny was a progressive, he liked to get out
Out on the streets, in amongst the flocks to see what it was all about.
He took tours to the slums, the kids they thought that he rocked,
They hung on every word, lived by what he said – good, obedient well programmed robots.

Out in the jungle at night,
Benny caught jungle fever and despite.
Preaching a lifetime of suppression, he’d seen muscles gleaming in the sun
The guards ushered up a collection,
Of strapping fine young men.
All done with the utmost secrecy, a holy dogma to defend.

With a flowing in his waters,
And a craving in his bum.
A night of rampant sodomy took place, he thought he’d never have so much fun!
No need for protection,
‘cos they’d all said their prayers
“It feels much better like this man, just how nature had intended”

Back on to the Vatican,
Benny flinching from the sting
A smirk of satisfaction and some holy songs to sing.
A few years down the line,
and Benny’s feeling crook,
He keeps getting the flu, and there’s no help from his holy books.

With utmost discretion and a nod to modern science,
A whole array of tests were done, despite their non-alliance
“He’s got the aids” the doctors said, trying to hide their smirks
When they all found out, the little flock just went berserk.

(The moral of the story is)
Faith can’t cure disease
Prevention is the cure

The Fizz

A job for life was all he ever wanted
But the plant took everything, left his family with nothing

Please the shareholders – Fuck off!

They washed the blue collars into the red
Left the union on the shop floor dead
“But we’re not to blame”
Came the cry again

Water should not be a fucking privilege
But the women and children spend their day collecting it

Got the concessions – Fuck off!

They sucked the life and made it arid land
Told to close, their obligations (should be) banned
“But we’re not to blame”
Came the cry again

Kids as young as 10 hack away
For the sweetness in the black fizz .  For “Always”

They shy away from their responsibilities everyday

The reality is it’s cheaper elsewhere

He went to work today
Like he always did
30 years of hard labour
(in their eyes) Comes to nothing

Not a personal “let you go”
Just a public call
“We’ll see you later,
I’m sure there’s more”

“there’s not future”
–The way that they ran it, it fell to the ground
–‘Commercial decisions’ not social sound
“Corporate Losses”
–“The reality is it’s cheaper elsewhere (Kia inada, Misubishi spokesman in Tokyo)
“You’ll be re-trained”
–At the cost of the taxpayers yet again!

Two kids and a mortgage
20 bills to pay
They’ve sucked all the life out
Morale’s astray

(the) Public soon forget
With ten year warranties
Junky stars are the flavour
(real) People mean nothing

“Why aren’t you accountable?”
–The way that they ran it, it fell to the ground
“Where was your foresight?”
–‘Commercial decisions’ not socially sound
“Surging profits?”
–“The reality is it’s cheaper elsewhere”
“Promises broken”
–At the cost of the taxpayer yet again!

Deliver us from evil

He said: “If anybody harms you”
“I will shoot them dead”
Her silence told them nothing
His love for her backfired again

He never saw it coming from his ‘friend’

At least three times week
Evil would come in her room
And play forbidden games, that
A child shouldn’t be put through

He never saw it coming from a ‘man of god’

Like so many others that came before and came after her
The diocese was as much to blame, church hierarchy covered up the shame
“Just move him on, so long as we don’t loose face”

For some there’s no such thing as
Like the nine month old baby
How the hell could this be allowed?

The most trusted men lied again and again and again.

Whilst the kids grow older, the kick backs come for the ‘priests’ that stole their souls
The Cardinal was as much to blame, church hierarchy ignoring it all the way
Misguiding trust for the ones that still have faith

You’re apologies are worthless
It’s all a little too late
Even the cops could see what the church claimed not to

It’s like a kid in confession
Full of excuses
Do you believe in hell?  I think your rule book states you’ll go there!

Corruption flowing from the top down, the clerics more like crooked business men
And yeah, you’re right, “…this never should have happened.”
Mahoney, O’Grady and 400 others must be tried!

For someone so smart, you’re a little slow on the uptake

A misplaced national pride
With a murderous lie
It’s not tradition, when politicians make excuses for crime.

It’s not right,
It’s no time,
To hold back on morals.

Eco-imperialism, breeds nationalism
When the bigwigs make (the wrong) decisions
The whole country is tarred

With one brush!

Send the ‘shepherds to catch the flock!

Today, they march around!
Where no one wants them to be found!

One day, they’ll fall down!
One day, they’ll all drown!

Man fuck the haters

Just the same as you and me
Just being what they wanna be
Why do you feel the need to ridicule and put down

Camp it up as much as you like
I couldn’t give a fucking shite
All you homophobes can go suck MY balls!

Born to swing that way
No choice,  same sex they lay

When I say GAY!  It’s not a put down.

Nouveau nationalisme

All automatons line up for the preordained
National celebration of the “greatest, The greatest country on earth!”

Have you seen the flag of the conqueror
flapping about on TV?
You can buy them dead cheap in Kmart
I think they’re made, by the chinese!

All the (sanctioned) slogans are set in place for you
To willingly take on and repeat
at high volumes and frequency

Are you willing to reject and slander
People that dare to believe
“maybe it’s not all about flag capes
Empty slogans, maybe it’s more”

Will you be ready to return to your day-to-day life of
subtle programming, history-romanticising and
xenophobia until we flag-wavers get a chance to get in
everyone’s face again? If so…welcome to the club, mate!

Get on your knees baby

Three thousand years, give or take, and the game’s not changed, three thousand years of resources and humyn lives laid to waste in the name of enlightenment.  How can, what is essentially a crutch or an excuse to pervert our natural development and logical thinking and be allowed to poison absolutely everything!
You prey on the poor and ignorant with promises of salvation you enforce oppressive, hierarchical structures
in all levels of society despite claiming to be the model on which all good relationships should be based upon.  You preach love while showing contempt for anyone not adherent to your views.  Somehow the people you have scammed don’t pick up on the blatant hypocrisy of your all actions the lies that you have told!

Oh, you’re one of ‘those types’

“Welcome to the world of opportunity
Where we breed ignorance and insecurity
The misinformed and dumb suceed where thinkers fail
Don’t challenge or you’ll be a traitor, berated!”

See it on the faces, hear it in the crowds
Your carefully shaped opinions will-one-day come crashing down
It’s all I ask, be something else
Never consider your opinion to be worth fuck all!

“Tow the line, you know it’s gonna make more sense”
Yeah! If you wanna life that’s dull and meaningless
Modern propaganda force fed to you everyday
You gotta fight, stand by it don’t back down on what you say/see it on….

And yeah, they’ll tell you that you’re wrong
Decide who your enemies are
You’ll know just who you’ll wanna hate – they’ll be the puppets from today

iPods, shoes and DVDs

I’m constantly reminded of the way we look out for ourselves
While we trample on the working class from the ‘working countries’

They’d love to wear those shoes that you put on your feet
But they’re paid a dollar fifty not per hour but per week

Why do we value one life less than another based on the (working conditions) values set by corrupted governments and fucked up businessmen?

…and you thought hybrid cars were lame

We’ve seen it all before
13 years of knee jerk politics
Yet you’re wanting more!
(You’d) Think you’d be smarter now
Used to rhetoric and ‘A Current Affair’ telling us how…

…How to run our lives
Telling us what’s wrong and what’s right
The world’s not your commodity
Suck it up and pay the GST!

Concentrating on the now
Instead of focusing on the future
And deciding just how
We’re gonna change this world
You’re more concerned per litre, per annum. There’s no point…

…In providing for your young?
When there’s nothing left, the world’s fucking done.
Wake up and you’ll see
A few bucks here is better for you and me

It’s something that we’ve worked for
I still don’t trust but we’ll see
Don’t fuck it up by forcing
Changes that you can’t change when we’re free

Think about your choice
Ignore messages on your screen
The world’s not your commodity
A few bucks here is better for you and me