Another gig added

Filed under: TBH News — b1 @ 8:18 pm 1 February 2011

Hey folks, we’re playing the Prince of Wales this weekend coming with The Currency from Melbourne. Come on down and rock out! Check the shows page for details!

In other news, the site has been screwy and the webstore has been down for about a week.  I have just finished fixing this up – Dave got a bit happy on the enter key when he was erasing beasties from our servers the other day and moved some code…..yeah, I almost fell asleep whilst typing that. Deth to server hackers is all I can say!

2011 is 5% complete

Filed under: TBH News — b1 @ 4:57 pm 18 January 2011

Two gigs coming up: one this Sunday and one on the 12th Feb.  Check the shows page for more details and get ready to have you soaking balls blow-dried.

And seriously, if you have been flood affected, drop us a line and we’ll send Dave round to give you hand cleaning up.  I’m sure we’ll be partaking in a flood benefit show soon but in the meantime, donate here or here.

Something bad (again)

Filed under: TBH News — b1 @ 8:00 pm 30 September 2010

So, we just can’t seen to get a break right now.  We’ve had to pull out of tomorrows gig due to illness.  I hope we can actually play a show soon!  Sorry to anyone who was gonna come along and see us – I’m as gutted as you.

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